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ep. 3 - Ryan Groene

"If you want to be a real estate investor, you'll have to take risks."

Ryan Groene is a mobile home park owner and operator. Prior to his career in real estate, Ryan worked in finance. But once he got a taste for real estate, he made the switch and has never looked back.

This is a must listen for those looking to make the jump to commercial real estate. We delve into topics like learning how to pull the trigger on a deal, when to walk away, and how to know when you're ready to make your first investment.

Listen to my interview with Ryan. There are some great tidbits that investors of all experience levels can learn from including:

- when analysis becomes overanalysis

- how first time investors can overcome overanalysis to make a deal

- how to learn from a loss

- why starting small isn't always the best plan

- balancing the investment side and being a responsible provider of affordable housing. Make sure to tune in next Friday for the next episode of Real Estate Deal Flow!

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